Java Industrial Development Refers to SDGs


  • Ghefra Rizkan Gaffara Esa Unggul University
  • Nofi Erni Esa Unggul University
  • Surya Kurniawan Esa Unggul University
  • Wa Ode Nurhaidar Esa Unggul University


Development, economic activies, growth, industrial, sustainable


Indonesia aims to catapult its trade and industry development and become one of the economic powerhouses of the future. The strategies initially developed in 2011 were expected to increase economic activity and growth. However, due to the steady growth of economic development, an evaluation of the previous RPJMN master plan is proposed. The purpose of this study was to assess Indonesia’s economic corridor by considering six provinces on Java Island as the case study. Primary data was obtained from government officials, while public records and benchmarking from other countries provided secondary data. From the results, there is a need for development in each corridor, especially in hardware computing, software computing, automotive, and technology. This research recommends the development of industries and the provision of resources to stimulate economic development.


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